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A dreamy getaway at Marbella Elix, Greece


uring summer 2020, we didn't have any "real" holiday. Doen was born in June 2020 and the first three months, let's say we remember in a blur. Trying to adapt to life after Covid with a newborn, the lack of sleep and knowledge made us feel like we were on a rollercoaster. So we decided not to go on holiday.

But this summer, we made up for those “oh so missed” summer days. Our first holiday was in a 5-star all-inclusive resort in Antalya, Turkey. Then a week in a beautiful villa with a private pool in Corfu, Greece. And to properly say goodbye to summer, a weekend in a dreamy, brand new, five-star hotel in Perdika, Greece: Marbella Elix from Marbella Collection.
We traveled by car from Tirana to Perdika, which lasted about 6 hours of driving. Thankfully there were no delays at the border because long hours of driving with Doen that doesn’t want to stay in the car seat have become too much for us.
At the border, we presented only the negative rapid test reply and a copy of our PLF (Passenger Locator Form), and all set.
When we were close to the hotel, we were greeted by this view (swipe) and we instantly felt all our tiredness go away.
After a smooth check-in process, we were introduced to the hotel, how it’s leveled and which elevators to use. This part was a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun.
So from the reception, we took the elevator to go to the main pool. From there we walked to the other side of the pool and took another elevator to go to -3, where the Junior Suites with private pool were located.
Oh, did I forget to mention that our room was a Junior Suite with a private pool? Yes, it was, with a private pool and a breathtaking view of Karavostasi Bay. Let me show it to you with the below photos. We actually took hundreds of photos, but I will not bother you with all of them:
Amazing, right?
After enjoying our room, Doen could not resist going in the pool, even with her dress on, so we decided not to spoil the fun and all three jumped in the pool.
By the time we took a shower and were all relaxed, it was time for dinner. So we dressed up, walked by the main pool which offered a stunning sunset and took the elevator to Saffron main restaurant. The view from the main restaurant was gorgeous as well. Swipe to see all photos of our dinner date.
The restaurant chef was so kind, to prepare a vegetable soup just for Doen because she didn’t eat much during dinner.
After dinner, we went for a stroll through the hotel to try and put Doen to sleep but it was impossible so we went back to our beautiful room, and after she fell asleep, sipped a glass of wine by the pool.
The next morning we were awakened by Doen before dawn, but with the view our room had to offer, we didn’t feel like complaining. We played on the bed and enjoyed the start of the day together.
Breakfast at Marbella Elix is amazing! The staff was very tentative, even though our little monkey made a lot of mess during meals, they were always so sweet and smiley.
We consumed breakfast again in Saffron restaurant, but this time decided to stay outside and enjoy the breathtaking view.
Going to the beach was our favorite part of this holiday because it included a walk down a pine-tree-lined path or via their very own funicular railway which delivers you directly to the beach. We choose the second. Seemed like so much fun. Watch the full video of our trip to the beach:
Here is us, having lots of fun on the beach, and even though it was mid-September the weather and water were just fantastic.
Here’s Doen making some important “calls” on the beach:
After beach time, we went to our room for a lunch nap, ate lunch, and then splashed around in the pool afterward. The view from the pool was our favorite and “a must” for every born romantic.
On our last evening, we dressed up to go for dinner but before decided to make a quick stop and enjoy some time at Ruby bar, which offers a gorgeous view and some sweet memories:
Our stay at Marbella Elix Hotel was a dream and we will always look back to the thousands of videos and photos we made as sweet memories with our baby girl. Here is the full video if you’d like to see more:
To check out the hotel and rates please follow this link: https://www.marbella.gr/marbella-elix/
If you would like to know a bit more about the hotel or the trip in general, you can reach out to us any time at: [email protected] 
We hope you enjoyed this blog article!
With love,
Bica, the family
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored stay but all thoughts and opinions are of our own. We enjoyed our stay so much and we would return in a heartbeat.

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