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“Marbella Corfu” captivated our hearts


e returned to Greece again this year, for another memorable holiday at Marbella Collection Greece, but this time at the lovely Marbella Corfu. We left Tirana at 7 p.m. and chose to remain in Gjirokaster for the night, a drive that took around 4 hours. We arrived at our hotel at 11 p.m., however we must admit that we wasted some time looking for it in Gjirokaster's small alleyways.

We left Gjirokaster around 8 a.m. the next day, going through “Qafe Muzine” on our way to Saranda, then crossing the border at “Qafe Bote.” We had purchased our ferry tickets in advance (online) for our trip from Igoumenitsa to Corfu, so we figured it would be best to arrive early rather than late. A round trip ticket for two adults with a baby and a car cost 63.7 Euros (10.6 Euros for each adult, free for infants up to 5 years and 42.5 Euros for the car). Isn’t it reasonable?
Here you can watch a short video of our trip:
Kerkyra Lines and Kerkyra Seaways are the two primary ferry companies operating on this route (according to our information). They leave practically every hour, and the trip lasts around 1.5 hours. We chose Kerkyra Seaways since their ships appeared to be in better condition when we checked their pictures online. We recommend booking online because you’ll get a better deal than if you book on the spot.
Waiting to board the ferry
Mommy & ME
Let me climb these stairs
Daddy & ME

nce you've boarded the ferry, there are seating places both inside and outside. There are clean restrooms for females on one side and males on the other, as well as a small coffee shop selling coffee, juices, sandwiches, and snacks. However, we normally prefer to eat something before embarking on our adventure, and for that, there is a small fast food/restaurant just outside the port that serves wonderful gyros :). All you have to do is cross the street. If you're traveling with children, we recommend bringing games or books for them to play with. It will speed up the sailing time and you will be completely unaware of it. Doen even met a cute little boy on the ferry ride, named Giannis, with whom she played ball and read books.

After getting off from the ferry we departed towards the hotel, a journey which should have lasted around 30 minutes but since it was heavily raining and there was a lot of traffic, it took us around 45 minutes. So considering the time zone difference, sailing time and all stops we made, we arrived at the beautiful Marbella Corfu at 4 p.m..
We were accommodated in a Superior Room with Sea View and we loved it because of the view (of course!), as well as for the fact that these rooms were located in the main building and everything was easily accessible with a 2-year-old, especially the main restaurant.
Another detail we noticed, was the attention to details. There was a sticker in our room door that verified that the room was cleaned and even the toilet paper in the bathroom was packed in a plastic bag. We were kindly surprised by these details.
Since this was a PR visit, Fran, the marketing manager and a wonderful lady took us on a tour of the hotel so we could get a sense of how it was set up. You won’t believe it, but this hotel is massive. It can accommodate up to 1000 people and provides excellent service (that is our honest opinion).
After arriving in the pouring rain, a ray of sunshine appeared in the sky just for us 🙂 We ran back to our room and changed into our bathing suits. Doen kept calling pool…pool…pool…! You can notice in our pictures below that the floor was still wet.
There are two large pools in Marbella Corfu, one with sweet water and the other with salt water. Doen mostly loved the one with sweet water, and there were cozy loungers around it, a pool bar and an amazing view of a green field with a luring shadow. Mommy daydreamed of taking a snooze there, but Doen would never leave the pool.
We used our Ladival sunscreen, which are sold in Albania by Stada Ime, to protect ourselves during the hot hours, and Doen enjoyed applying the cream herself.
The spectacular Anemelia aquapark, a brand new addition at Marbella Corfu, was the highlight of our trip, making it the only five-star luxury family resort on Corfu to give guests an ultimate aqua park vacation experience ideal for guests of all ages.
With that being said, I’d like to point out that daddy had a great time going through the different slides. Mommy tried her luck on the children’s slides and felt quite comfortable with that.
Aside from the aquapark, there is a separate infinity pool with a section for both children and adults to enjoy. If you have older children, you can relax in this pool while they enjoy themselves at the aquapark.
You want to know more about the food? Well, Marbella Collection never fails to impress.
In the restaurant there are available baby chairs, toddler chairs (the one that Doen set) and a corner with kids food. What Doen loved the most were these little candies (in the last picture below) that were so beautifully made:
Can you guess which corner was mommy’s favorite, with a kids’ corner, a vegetarian corner, and hot meals? The one with all the deserts is the one I’m talking about. Every night they were different, but each time equally delicious. Take a look at this sinful indulgence:
Marbella Corfu has two separate beaches, one of which is man-made (let me attempt to explain), you go over a bridge, which is not a bridge but a wonderful garden before going down the stairs and you find yourself at the beach thinking how did I cross the road; and the other beach is natural one.
We tried the first one, but due to the bad weather there were waves and seaweed so we returned to the pool and our comfort zone. Check out this video we made on the way to the beach:
In the evenings, adults could enjoy live music, while children could enjoy their time at the disco which was located at the mini club. Doen had a great time dancing and playing with the other kids, but it didn’t last long because she was exhausted after the day’s activities and all the swimming, so we headed straight to our room after the mini disco.
When our vacation came to an end, on the way back, before boarding the ferry to return to Igoumenitsa, we discovered a small coffee shop at the ferry port that served excellent coffee and had a charming design. Here we are, enjoying our coffee and saying goodbye to Corfu (at least for this time).
Shortly after arriving home, mommy was even invited on Vila 24 at News24 (a National TV channel) to discuss about summer 2022 and holidays with children, in a panel among other moms and the beautiful Brunilda Lahe. If you understand Albanian, here is the video but you have to click and watch it on YouTube:
If we were to chose the highlight of Marbella Corfu, that would be the nature. It was like a piece of heaven. Take a look at the photos if you don’t believe me:
And here are a bunch of casual, family photos that we took:

We hope to have provided detailed insight about our vacation in Corfu and specifically about Marbella Corfu, but if you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and visit our website.
Hugs for you all from Bica, the family.
Notes: Below you can find links to products and references mentioned in this blog article:
Ferry company (Kerkyra Seaways): https://www.kerkyraseaways.gr/en

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