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Regnum Carya Antalya – a royal holiday in Turkey


o we need to mention again that we love travel? Are you a frequent reader of our blog or do you find yourself here for the first time? If so, we are Bica - the family, a family of 3 humans (including a little girl named Doen) and the cutest dog named Shadow. We love to travel, be it by plane, car or just walking adventures..

This year, we decided to start the summer season earlier than usual and at the beginning of May we traveled from Albania to Turkey by plane for a week of luxury vacation booked by Fly Travel ✈️
Luckily for us, our girl Doen loves planes, so our flight was pretty easy. We departed with Air Albania from Tirana at 07.30 and had a one hour layover in Istanbul and from there with Turkish Airlines to Antalya airport. Since the transit was quite short, we rushed from one plane to the other without any stops on the way. We did bring with us toys, colors, playdough, gummy bears, biscuits and as a final resource I had downloaded on my phone some videos from YouTube and a game that Doen likes to play. But the flights were short so the situation was manageable.
What I love about Air Albania and Turkish Airlines is that they still serve food, on the contrary of low cost airlines where they try to sell you food and perfumes all the time. It reminds me of the days that the airlines would bring you the tray with your meal and it was my favorite moment during the flight.
We landed at Antalya Airport where the tour guide was waiting for us at the airport with flowers (quite thoughtful) and directed us to a luxurious minivan to transfer us to the hotel (the road to which Doen spent on the sleep). We arrived at Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort around 13.30 and were honestly surprised to see so many people checking in. We were under the impression that at the beginning of May the hotel would have low occupancy but it was almost full.
our guide gave us flowers
transfer with vip vehicle
Our booked room was Jade Room with partial sea view, a 62 m2 room located in the 2nd floor of the main building. For us with an almost 3-year-old it was perfect because everything was close by. The main restaurant was close by, the bars and pool just steps away. So, it was perfect! Here are a few photos of our room:

uring our week at Regnum Carya we tried to discover as much as possible even though the resort was huge. On the first day, we had to visit the Mini Club since it was the most important facility for our daughter. It had an outdoor and indoor space, where the outdoors had a section with for babies and a much bigger one made of wood for bigger children. On the inside, it had a painting area, activity room for science classes etc., playroom with various types of dolls, cars, kitchen, and Montessori games. This is the section that we spent the most time on. On the other side it also had games and room for bigger children to spend their time.

What I loved about Regnum Carya, above the luxury and excellent service, is their attention to detail. While we were playing one afternoon at the mini club, our daughter needed a nappy change and we had forgotten to take one. We asked at the mini club reception and of course, they had a big box with various sizes ready. And that’s not all, every evening they would come into our room, open the bed quilt for us, lay a clean towel where our feet would touch the floor when coming out of bed and every night they left a chocolate on the bedside table with a good night note. It was my favorite detail.
We also visited the Regnum Aqua World were it had pools with slides for small children and a separate section for bigger ones. Mommy and daddy tried the Crazy River as well and had a fabulous yet scary time at it. But it was worth it! Doen went through the slides and did not wish to come out of the pool.
If you’re a food lover, Regnum Carya had 10 A’ La Carte Restaurants where 7 of them were free of charge, you only needed to book your chosen one at least one day in advance. During our stay we tried different options : the fish restaurant, the Italian restaurant, the Turkish restaurant and the Brazilian restaurant. Each one of them were a unique tasting experience even though my favorite was the fish restaurant because of the beautiful view of the sea.
All guests staying at Regnum Carya, had the possibility to book an excursion to The Land of Legends free of charge (incredible right?). Shuttle and Entrance totally free. While there, remember to bring extra money to put into your account for drinks, ice cream or even toys.
We had a fabulous time at The Land of Legends and our baby had the most awesome time. Here are a few photos and videos:
We spent only half a day at the beach where the girls played in the sand and most of our time was spent at the pools because they were with heated water so it was perfect! But nevertheless, we enjoyed the beach had white sand and a beautiful decorum. Here are a few shots:
To finish our holiday with a wonderful taste, we had the chance to consume lunch at Maia A’ La Carte Restaurant which was exclusive to guests staying at Amber Villas (the most luxurious accommodation at Regnum Carya). Lunch was exquisite and the restaurant beautiful.
After lunch we sipped another cocktail and waitied for our transfer to take us at the airport. The flights back home I remember in a blur because I didn’t want to leave and also we were incredibly tired. Our flight from Tirana to Istanbul left at 18.30 but we had to carry 3 small carry on luggages and 3 backpacks, plus Doen on her stroller. We were hoping to have the carry on luggages sent directly to Tirana like the flight that brought us to Antalya, but that was not allwed. So with a sleepy Doen and a lot of carry-ons, we arrived in Tirana at 22.30 with the taste of a wonderful holiday.

For more info regarding our fabulous holiday, take a look at our vlog below:

Hi, we are Bica family! We are Eneida, Dolsin, our 3-year-old Doen and our golden Shadow. As a blogger family we love to share our stories, experiences, and trips with the world! From fashion to parenthood, parenting to travel, we have a wide range of experiences that we love sharing with our online friends. We strive to bring our followers unique content that is both informative and entertaining.

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