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The Exquisite Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort – A Hotel Review


e returned to Greece again this summer, but this time to experience the Exquisite Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort which is located in Paliouri, Halkidiki. This exclusive resort is built at the edge of Kassandra Peninsula, among great nature and the perfect getaway for this June. To make our car trip more manageable, since it is a 6-7-hour car ride from Tirana, we departed a day in advance and spent an overnight in Thessaloniki. This way our trip from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki lasted around 1 hour and a half and felt more relaxed on our first day.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the resort, you can notice that it is truly a mirage. An amazing entrance and then, we reached the main hall and reception area which is a sight for the eyes. While we waited for the check in process to be concluded, we walked outside, in the veranda, and we were greeted by the amazing view of the hotel. The reception is located on level 0 and the pools and beach go down up to level -4. So because of this amazing architecture insight, we could enjoy the whole view in front of us.

We were escorted to our room, a deluxe room with side sea view which was located on level -4. That was great for us because with our little girl it was much easier to go to the pools and beach, which are her favorite, of course. Our room was spacious, with a double bed and a sofa bed which was opened to another double bed. Doen made daddy sleep on the extra bed and enjoyed a good night sleep with mommy on the main bed. Kids, right?

We couldn’t wait to see the pools and our girl even started undressing while we were at the reception. So as soon as we arrived at the room, we put on our bathing suites and run to the pool. No walking for us, we rushed there. Lol

When we jumped on the main pool, we noticed it was with sea water and it was a great facily in our opinion. The main pool was “divided” by a bridge and on one side you could find an “island” with sunbeds where you could relax, and on the other side there was a great Jacuzzi, and water fountains. On the left side of the main pool was located the kids pool and on the left side there was a relax pool but that one was adults only, due to the thermal water in it. So the thermal pool we didn’t get a chance to try, but enjoyed just the same the other two pools.

Daddy & Me
This view
Endless blue
Pool babe

In the afternoon we headed back to our room for a shower and then directly to the mini club. Kid’s Planet is located in front of the main entrance of the hotel and since we had already shown its videos to Doen, she could not wait any longer. She had some fun playing around in there and later on we headed for the Italian A’La Carte Restaurant: Portofino. We enjoyed a delicious dinner but by this time Doen was getting restless so we hurried to our room and called it a night.

The next day, I woke up early and went by the beach. It was almost empty and used that opportunity to film with our drone. Here is a video I posted on YouTube:

We spent almost all day by the beach and pools. Doen couldn’t get enough. What I loved most about the beach, is that at Miraggio, there were beach mattresses tied below and you could lay there endlessly without being swept away by the sea. I could still close my eyes and imagine myself there. Of course I only have a picture of my husband laying there because he refused to bring my phone on the water for me to take some selfies and scroll a bit on Insta. 😛

In the evening, we went for a drink in the terrace where we enjoyed live music and dance performances. Doen had a fabulous time since she danced in front of the singer with other kids as well.


On our last day, we took our time with breakfast, closed our luggage’s and spent some time at the mini club before it was time to leave. The mini club is open every day from 10.30 – 19.00 so make sure to check it out if you choose Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort for your holidays.


Our stay at Miraggio was short but full of fond and happy summer memories! Until we visit you again, Miraggio! 

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